To coordinate the general operation of the Bell Boys department, in order to guarantee welcoming and farewell activities, according to the established standards and policies.

◾To coordinate and supervise the activities of the bell boys according to the established standards.
◾To be familiar with, and to ensure that the personnel offers information concerning rooms offered and their characteristics, apart from the characteristics of services, activities, and facilities offered by the Hotel.
◾To be familiar with the information concerning the sites of interest in the area.
◾To follow up on pending issues recorded in the shift log, as well as to record any relevant comments.
◾To welcome guests and see them off in a warm manner.
◾To escort guests to their rooms.
◾To safekeep guests’ luggage whenever required, as well as to coordinate the handling of guests’ luggage and the production of the corresponding reports.
◾To be familiar with, and to supervise that the lost & found procedures are applied.
◾To carry out special services requested by the Direction / General Management, whenever necessary.
◾To coordinate the delivery of messages, packages and guest belongings to the rooms.
◾To keep his work area and operation equipment in optimum working and cleanliness conditions.
◾To coordinate and provide internal transportation service (when applicable).
◾To coordinate, together with the Reception Desk Manager, the arrivals and departures of the day, special events activities, inspection tours and/or any other activity related to the area.
◾To fulfill the quality standards, as well as the energy savings and environmental programs.
◾To check the time of guests’ pick ups (properties where service is available)
◾To coordinate and perform the valet parking service.
◾To prepare work rosters, special permits, vacation time, and days off for the staff in his area.
◾To supervise preventive maintenance operations on the vehicles designated by the Management of the Hotel, as well as to keep them clean and in perfect appearance conditions.
◾To follow up on requests from guests with the corresponding departments.
◾To fulfill the Safety and Hygiene and Environmental programs, and any other applicable program.
◾To supervise that the personnel of the Bell Boys department correctly guides and informs guests regarding their rooms.
◾To coordinate the reception and distribution of newspapers. (properties where service is available)
◾To carry out inventories of the operations equipment assigned to his area.


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